Santa Maria Traditional

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Smoked Oak Flake Salt, Black Pepper and Garlic
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Hand Blended Ingredients: salt, black pepper, and garlic

Celebrate California’s Santa Maria style BBQ with this crowd and staff favorite. Our Traditional Santa Maria Rub adds awesome flavor, while also enhancing the natural flavors of the meat.

We love this rub for it’s simplicity and it’s our first choice for tri-tip, steaks and burgers. Oak smoked flake salt is used to give a nice Santa Maria BBQ flavor, even when you’re not cooking on the grill.

Try this savory blend on everything. We love it on chicken, turkey burgers, eggs, avocado, salads, roasted and pan fried vegetables, any style of potatoes, corn, and especially on salmon.

Also available in our Solvang Gift Set!

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  • 5
    Fresher than fresh!

    Posted by MyMomPam on Dec 5th 2022

    This is now my "go to" for soups, chicken, eggs, and even pizza! The flavors blend so well together and it is fresh, fresh, fresh tasting! I cannot imagine my spice cabinet without this jewel!

  • 5
    Santa Maria Traditional is a most excellent spice rub

    Posted by Erich Schwarz on Nov 21st 2022

    My wife and I have become long-distance repeat customers of Solvang Spice Merchant because of their Santa Maria Traditional spice rub. It is, simply, the most enjoyable spice mixture for rubbing into meat that either of us has encountered. It adds zest and bite without being overpowering, and is easy to use (even I, with relatively little cooking skill, have used it to good effect when broiling steak). We only learned about this product in August 2021 while we were visiting my family in southern California, were passing through Solvang on a day outing, and happened to visit Solvang Spice Merchant in person. We remain glad that we did!

  • 5

    Posted by Rebecca on Dec 18th 2021

    I bought this and a few other spices as a Christmas gift and was instantly jealous that I didn’t get it for myself. Keep doing your thing, Solvang!

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    Santa Maria Rub

    Posted by FurrierTransform on Oct 18th 2021

    If you want the authentic, Central Coast flavor of the tri-tip, or any other robust cut of beef, this is what you should use. It works for steaks, brisket, and of course, tri-tip. My first use was on a brisket; sous vide for 36 hours, followed by 3 hours in a 300 degree smoker. I could have smoked it for the usual 14 hours, but then I'd have to tend it that long.

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    Traditional Santa Maria Rub

    Posted by Marcia on May 5th 2021

    We’ve been making Santa Maria style tri-tips forever. My son brought this rub back from a trip to Solvang and it’s been a game changer. I instantly achieve that SM flavor with just a sprinkle. I make homemade Cold Springs Tavern spread (better than the original) and our BBQ’s tri-tip sandwiches are legendary around here.