Sumac, Ground


Ingredients: ground sumac berries (Turkey), salt

Made from the dark red fruits of the Mediterranean red sumac plant, not to be confused with the white berries of poison sumac, these tart ground berries are popular in both Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, and are often sprinkled over a dish before serving to add brightness and to enhance flavor.

Sprinkle over fresh fruit, hummus, salads, flat bread, grilled chicken, fish, tuna salad, avocado, roasted vegetables, sweet potatoes, yogurt, cupcakes, and French toast. Sumac also works great in meat rubs and marinades, as it's acidity helps to tenderize the meat while adding a burst of flavor.

Use in place of lemon zest or as a substitute to lemon juice and vinegar when you want to add acidity to a dish without the extra liquid.

Sumac berries are processed with salt to prevent fermentation. While they contain less that 6% salt by weight, make sure to adjust the salt in your recipe accordingly.

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