Spearmint, Organic


Dried spearmint tastes refreshingly sweet, with a peppery burst and lemony undertones.

Dried Mint is best used to compliment bold flavors such as rubs that are heavy on chiles and pepper, or hearty root vegetables. It is probably best known as a key ingredient in Middle Eastern Tabouli, and the street food dish falafel. 

Dried Mint pairs well with coconut, green chiles, onions, amchur, cardamom, shallots, basil, cilantro, lemongrass, and lime, and is regularly used in chutneys, salads, beverages, curries, soup, salad, spring rolls, stir-fries and dips. 

In the aftermath of the Boston Tea Party (1773), it became unpatriotic in Colonial America to drink tea so the use of herbs became a substitute to highly taxed British imported tea. Spearmint leaves were one of the more frequently used herbs for this. 

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