Lavender Heights


They say variety is the spice of life, and we agree! That’s why we decided to put together this exclusive Pride collection, commemorating our state’s rich history of leadership on LGBTQIA+ rights. California has the largest lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender population in the country —2.7 million and counting! Not only that, but 10% of our State Government Legislature identifies as LGBTQIA+. Within California, various cities have become melting pots for those in the Queer community looking for a place to call home; giving rise to gay districts or “gayborhoods”. Here we honor those communities and the pioneers who paved the way for them to exist.

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Hand Blended Ingredients: White Tea*, Lavender*, Coconuts*, Pineapple*, Organic Flavor*, Rose Petal*, Hibiscus*, Lemongrass*, Lemonbalm*, Calendula*, Cornflower*, * Certified Organic

Caffeine: 40 Milligrams of Caffeine

About Lavender Heights:

The Lavender Heights District is a neighborhood rich with the history of Sacramento’s vibrant LGBTQIA+ community. Attracting local and regional residents and tourists to the area are the many gay owned clubs, restaurants, salons, galleries, and retail stores. Lavender Heights is located at the heart of Midtown at 20th and K Streets.

In 1978, just nine years after the Stonewall Riots, the Lambda Community Fund was originally incorporated as a special assistance program based in Midtown, Sacramento. In 1984, the Rev. Jerry Falwell appeared on television and denied that he ever referred to the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) as vile and satanic and called its members “brute beasts” on his Old Time Gospel Hour. Falwell offered $5,000 to anyone who could prove that he had. The Rev. Jerry Sloan of MCC in Sacramento called Falwell’s toll-free number, purchased a copy of the tape as proof, and demanded payment of the $5,000. When Falwell refused, Sloan sued with legal pioneer Rosemary Metrailer and won. With $5,000 in hand, the Lambda Community Fund was reorganized to later become what we know today as the Sacramento LGBT Community Center. The Center is Sacramento’s oldest non-profit serving the needs of the LGBTQ+ community.

In 1985, the first of many gay nightclubs opened, paving the way for other LGBTQIA+ businesses to open in the immediate area, which eventually earned its name, Lavender Heights.

In 2015, Sacramento City Council member Steve Hansen, Sacramento’s first openly LGBTQ+ council member, along with the Sacramento Rainbow Chamber of Commerce, worked to obtain official city designation of the LGBTQ+ neighborhood of Midtown Sacramento historically known as “Lavender Heights.” As a flagship landmark to spotlight the new district, the city approved the installation of rainbow crosswalks at the intersection of 20th and K, the heart of Lavender Heights. The rainbow crosswalks were designed as a celebration of the region’s LGBTQIA+ community and are similar to those in other U.S. cities, including Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and West Hollywood.

In 2019, the Sacramento LGBT Community Center moved into its forever home at 1015 20th street, in the center of the Lavender Heights district. The Center continues to offer peer support groups for a variety of marginalized populations, community resource referrals to meet individual basic needs, education, and training to improve the competency of businesses and organizations to LGBTQ+ issues, numerous artistic expressions, and cultural activities that build community, and volunteer opportunities that empower individuals to give back.

In February 2022, as part of a partnership between Midtown Association and the Rainbow Chamber of Commerce, 10 vibrant new banners are now proudly displayed on 20th Street between J and K Streets — including in front of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center. The colorful banners were specially designed to demonstrate and celebrate #MidtownLove, acceptance, and inclusion in the heart of Lavender Heights. In addition to the banners on 20th Street, the new eye-catching and whimsical “Love is in our roots” rainbow vegetable art wraps were installed on utility boxes on 21st Street.

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