Jamaican Jerk Seasoning


Hand Blended Ingredients: onion, coriander, garlic, ginger, black pepper, allspice, cinnamon, thyme, turbinado sugar, brown sugar, nutmeg, scotch bonnet, clove, chives

Bring the exotic taste of the Caribbean to your table with this aromatic, spicy, and salt free blend. With flavors ranging from warm and sweet from the allspice and sugar, to the pungent heat of scotch bonnet chiles, this complex spice blend is great for everyday cooking and special occasions.

Use as a special ingredient to spice up your sweet potatoes, acorn squash, scrambled eggs, French fries, mashed potatoes, soups, and stews. Mix with mayo or cream cheese for a delicious sandwich spread, or add to mashed avocado’s for a unique dip.

The sweet heat of this blend pairs well with fruit salsa and chutney, especially ones with mango as a main ingredient.

To use as a dry or wet rub for chicken, pork, or seafood, use 1 tablespoon of seasoning per pound of meat. For best results let meat marinate for 2-4 hours in the refrigerator.

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