Hand Blended Ingredients: poppy seeds, garlic, sea salt, sesame, onion

From breakfast to dinner, the savory blend of garlic and onion mingled with the nutty crunch of sesame seeds is not only great on top of bagels and baked bread, but makes an excellent addition to just about everything else.

Breakfast: Sprinkle on biscuits, country potatoes, and egg dishes.

Brunch: Sprinkle on deviled eggs and use as a rimming salt for a delicious Bloody Mary.

Lunch: Sprinkle on avocado or cream cheese for a savory sandwich spread. Add to potato salad, coleslaw, hummus, and salad dressing.

Dinner: Use as a rub for roasted chicken, and sprinkle on roasted vegetables, oven fries, pizza, pasta, and mac and cheese.

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