Cinnamon Sticks, Ceylon - Bag


Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks are complex and floral, with notes of sweet citrus and cloves and a pleasing warmth. These whole cinnamon sticks have a more delicate aroma and flakier texture than the cinnamon sticks commonly found in stores. These sticks are tan or light brown, and are approximately 3” long. One 3" Ceylon Cinnamon Stick = 1/2 teaspoon ground Ceylon Cinnamon. 

Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks can be used on pork, chicken, beef, tomatoes, fruit, chocolate, pickles, pastries, curries, dressing, stews, soups, mulled wines and ciders, and to steep in various alcohols.

Pair Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks with cloves, chocolate, oranges, limes, cardamom, rose petals, black pepper, chile peppers, paprika, star anise, and coconut.

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