Black Onyx Cocoa


Ingredients: alkalized cocoa powder

Black Onyx Cocoa is an unsweetened, super alkalized cocoa powder which gives it a deep, dark color, and smoother flavor compared to other cocoa powders.

Mix with milk and sugar for rich delicious hot cocoa. Use in baking recipes for chocolate cakes, brownies, pudding, frosting, or cream filled cookies. A customer favorite is to mix into a peanut butter smoothie, sweetened with ripe bananas.

Can also be blended in with your meat rubs or stirred into your chili for a rich savory meal.

Alkalized cocoa powder contains no acid and will not respond to baking soda. For baking that requires leavening, like cake, you will need to add an acidic base to create rise. Use baking powder in place of baking soda in your recipes or you can mix Black Onyx Cocoa powder half-and-half with natural cocoa powder (which is acidic), and then use baking soda for rise.

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