Taco Seasoning

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Hand Blended Ingredients: chili powder, paprika, onion, garlic, cumin, brown sugar, black pepper, cayenne, Mexican oregano

Your favorite taco seasoning is finally available without added preservatives or salt!  This salt free seasoning is not a mild seasoning but it’s not overly spicy either so it’s perfect for all taste preferences. 

For a quick taco recipe, brown your meat (beef, chicken or ground turkey) add 4 Tbsp of taco seasoning mix and 8 oz. of water for each one pound of meat. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes (stirring occasionally) or until the mixture starts to thicken up.

You can also add taco seasoning to bean dishes, fajitas, Taco Casserole, homemade tortilla chips dip (a wonderful substitute for the standard chips and salsa) and sprinkle on Mexican salad, nachos, chili, scrambled eggs and soups.