Sumac, Ground

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Ingredients: ground sumac berries (Turkey)

This spice is used heavily in Middle Eastern cuisine and is an ingredient in both Israeli Za’atar and Dukkah. Sumac is extremely popular with salads, meats, seafood stews, dressings, vegetable casseroles, and rice. For a quick appetizer, sprinkle this on sliced onions. Mix with yogurt and you have a dipping sauce perfect for kebabs of all kinds. Because of the tart flavor of sumac, it is also used in Lebanese and Turkish cooking in place of lemon peel.

This spice has a home next to the red pepper flakes you will find on many tables in Iran and Turkey. Sumac goes well with chicken, fish, garbanzo beans, seafood, lamb, raw onions, pine nuts, walnuts, and with yogurt.