Ranch Dressing Seasoning

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Hand Blended Ingredients: onion, garlic, salt, parsley, black pepper, dill weed

Our Ranch Dressing Seasoning is a simple way to get ranch flavor on everything you love to eat. In addition to making a dressing for salads use this Ranch Dressing Seasoning to season burgers, sandwiches, any kind of potatoes, pasta, jalapeño poppers, popcorn, pretzels, spring rolls, chicken sliders, coleslaw, grilled cheese and casseroles. It’s wonderful in macaroni and cheese, on cauliflower, mushrooms, and with green beans.

When mixed with sour cream, this Ranch Dressing Seasoning makes a great dip for vegetables, pizza slices and deep-fried food. 1 tablespoon for every four ounces of sour cream is a typical ratio.

Also available in our Party Dip Gift Set!